Emergency Response & Mine Rescue

Emergency Response & Mine Rescue

Transforming Safety

SafeSight’s digital tools for Emergency Response & Mine Rescue will save lives. These products have been developed to address what we believe will be the changing demands on Mine Rescue and Emergency Response as the Mining sector moves to full digital transformation.

By creating a digital advantage, we can fundamentally transform the processes and options available to Mine Rescue and Emergency Response underground and on surface. The SafeSight Emergency Response Tool Kit includes: 

Emergency Response Drone (ERD v3)
DeepTraxx Fire Response 5G
SafeScanner 5G for 3D modeling of any scene
Rescue Wheel for faster carry to medical attention

Responders will be able to more effectively: respond to fires underground, find and rescue trapped workers and with significantly reduced risk, more rapidly transport injured workers to medical care and provide critical incident data to Command and Control for overall Emergency management. 

Changing Emergency Response

Providing Responders a Digital Advantage

Scene Assessment from anywhere

Using SafeSight’s Mine Rescue technology, rescue teams can assess the situation from a distance using the Emergency Response Drone or the DeepT-Fire Response. These technologies provide responders with the ability to assess the current situation using HD video, HD thermal, and provides the ability to capture, air quality assessment and the identification of hazards.

Where a 4G or 5G infrastructure exists, Responders can deploy these assessment tools from surface allowing them to better prepare for initial entry into the scene.

Carry to Medical Attention

 Injured miners are provided with immediate medical attention as necessary. Current carry to medical attention must be done manually with no power support. This is slow and taxing on Responders. This creates accelerated oxygen consumption and rapid fatigue of the responding teams, reducing the available time to search and rescue. The Rescue wheel provides 3 times evacuation speed and reduces the stresses and pressures on responders.

Search & Rescue

The primary objective of mine rescue teams is to locate, and rescue trapped or injured miners. With digital tools (Emergency Response Drone and DeepT-Fire Rescue)  Responders can locate trapped workers in blackout smoke, on the backside of a fire, through unsafe structural areas.

Where a 4G or 5G infrastructure exists, Responders can perform Search and Rescue from Command Centre or from any distance underground  allowing them to better prepare for initial entry into the scene.

Remote Fire Response

 Using the DeepTraxx-Fire Response and the Emergency Response Drone Responders now have the capability to more effectively respond to underground or surface fires from a safe distance. These technologies allow for thermal assessment and heat measurement from a distance of up to 200 meters. The DeepTraxx-FR has the ability to remotely deploy fire hose at 50 feet/4sec and provide fire suppression or heat reducing water curtain.  


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