DB4 Underground Drone

DB4 ™ Underground Drone

Transforming Safety

Unlike other underground drones, SafeSight’s DB4 Underground Drone Technology was developed in a narrow vein environment. Hardened with the capability to access openings as small as 2m x 2m, the DB4accesses most unacceptable spaces that other drones won’t even attempt.

Servicing not only the needs of larger mining environment but smaller mines as well is only one of the many key differentiators in our underground drone platform. Working directly with daily operations, our platform has been optimized to support both safety and productivity. Our DB4 payload, the SafeScanner produces geo-referenced point clouds in under 25 minutes post flight. No need for third party software or other costly additional solutions. From Flight  to Site Plan in one simple drag and drop. 

The DB4 has the capability to access tight spaces effectively and produce flight results and mapping immediately. This powerful solution is a safety transforming tool that also significantly impacts the operational efficiency and productivity of the sites that deploy it

Changing Underground Development

Safer, Faster Development


3D mapping

The DB4 is equipped with our revolutionary Safescanner payload. With the safe scanner in place the DB4 is able to produce 3-D models of the flight environment on board.

Once the flights complete Safescanner constructs in optimize 3-D modelWith limited to no shadowing. A default PTS format is produce but users can request alternative formats [LAS, DFX, etc )

3-D model production takes between 10 and 25 minutes post flight and can be retrieved from the DB three using a standard USB.

This allows the operator to review results immediately underground or transmit them to surface for analysis and support.


Pilot Assist

The DB4 comes equipped with a full pilot assist configuration. This allows for the operator to ensure they are always in complete control of the drone at all times while at the same time providing key assistance in accessing tight spaces. Using SafeSight’s  autonomous hover and obstacle avoidance features operators can access close proximity flights that allow access into narrow openings unachievable by other underground drones.

These features create ease-of-use while ensuring the operator is always in complete control of the technology


Automatic GeoReferencing

Processing and applying the 3-D mapping Geo reference data from the DB threes safescanner payload requires no third-party software, no additional solution set from Safesight, and knows ongoing service support from our Safesight team

The DB4 SafeScanner payload is a self-contained mapping solution. Capturing the data post flight is only a small component of this highly effective solution.

The DB4 SafeScanner automatically Geo references the point cloud so that it can be easily integrated into site plans to support planning, reconciliation and block modeling.

The power of this transformation is completely in your hands to transform your site


HD Video

The DB4 provides options to gather valuable video data or capture high definition Images and video can be viewed immediately and provide critical information regarding the safety of the environment, the condition of the face and support more effective planning and development. 


Design and Optimized hazardous Data Collection

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