DeepTraxx FR

DeepTraxx Fire Rescue ™

Remote Fire Response and Suppression

The SafeSight DeepTraxx-FR ™ is part of our Mine rescue and Emergency Response tool kit. It provides the capability for rapid remote deployment of fire hose to support responders or suppress any underground fire.

The DeepTraxx-FR™ was initially developed as part of an active fire simulation with Ontario Mine Rescue. That initial application motivated our team to refine this configuration to a flexible rapid response utility.

Our team didn’t stop there though. The DeepTraxx-FR™ has adaptors to support our scanning technology as well, much like the original DeepTraxx™ Survey unit.

This small but powerful ground machine can climb debris, motor through the muck and paste with no trouble bringing remote suppression to a fire source or critical supplies to trapped workers.

Safe Fire Response Deployment

Ground Based Rapid Fire Response


200m of Remote Range

The DeepTraxxFR is capable of handling over 60 PSI of pressure deployed as either a suppressive water curtain or direct fire suppression.

  • Deploy 50 feet of standard fire hose in under 4 seconds
  • Payload capability of 30 pounds
  • 50 pounds of Pull capacity

Along with the above, the DeepTraxxFR has been configured to support rapid and easy remote deployment for fire response.


Ease of Use

The DeepTraxx is built on a lightweight design, Radio Control platform. This makes transporting and deploying the DeepTraxx simple and efficient.

Paired with a standard Taranis 2.4 GHz transmitter control is sensitive and responsive.


Adaptable roof mount

The DeepTraxx can support a wide range of technology:

  • LiDAR scanning technology – SafeSight SafeScanner
  • Lieca BLK
  • GoPro Hero HD video
  • HD 360 Video
Expand your ground collection to 3D models and 360 degree video by using the DeepTraxx. Data is available immediately and can be viewed at the development for effective decision support.


Rapid fire suppression

SafeSight is committed to the ongoing evolution and support of mine rescue in mine safety. Our new DeepTraxx Fire Response equipment supports that intention and goal.

First Response

Supporting responder safety by allowing them to attack the fire from a safe location as they execute the fire response plan. This technology can support key emergency response outcomes;

  • Gathering Situational data remotely to understand the response plan.
  • Deployment of fire suppression from a safe location.
  • Delivery of critical payload to support response.
Gathering 3D Models

Mounted with your choice of scanning technology the DeepTraax supports safe collection of 3D models.

  • Drifts
  • Ramps
  • Stopes


Design and Optimized hazardous Data Collection

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