DeepTraxx ™

A Fast and Simple Ground Game

The SafeSight DeepTraxx ™ provides a lightweight, easy to use deployment to access spaces where other technologies cannot safely reach.

The DeepTraxx was initially developed to extend the reach and range of SafeSight’s SafeScanner when underground drone flight was not practical or possible. The clip on design allows the user to move from the air to a strong ground game that ensures stopes, drifts and tight space surveys are easy to complete. 

Our team didn’t stop there though. The DeepTraxx has adaptors to support other scanning technology as well. The DeepTraxx ™ roof mount can accept just about any LiDAR scanner. Whether it’s our SafeScanner or there Leica BLK, this rugged underground unit will drive your scan data.

The SafeScanner mounted on the DeepTraxx allows the operator to immediately use videos, images and point cloud data to assess development safety, progress and rail orientation. 

This powerful ground machine can climb debris, motor through the muck and paste with no trouble. DeepTraxx is a  key element in the digital toolbox for underground Survey and Ground Support. 

Changing MRC Development

Safer, Faster Raise Development


FPV and Lighting

The DeepTraxx is equipped with a low light HD camera and tablet that allows for real time video streaming that ensures easy control and precision placement.

Our enhanced light package makes sure that the operator has clear visibility to support ease of use and maneuverability.


Ease of Use

The DeepTraxx is built on a lightweight design, Radio Control platform. This makes transporting and deploying the DeepTraxx simple and efficient.

Paired with a standard Taranis 2.4 GHz transmitter control is sensitive and responsive.


Adaptable roof mount

The DeepTraxx can support a wide range of technology:

  • LiDAR scanning technology – SafeSight SafeScanner
  • Lieca BLK
  • GoPro Hero HD video
  • HD 360 Video

Expand your ground collection to 3D models and 360 degree video by using the DeepTraxx. Data is available immediately and can be viewed at the development for effective decision support.


Reaching the point of data collection

The DeepTraxx has been developed to operate effectively muck, debris, and paste. This rugged underground Remote Control (RC) Truck has the ability to receive data collection technology that can be shared across your organization.


Equipped with both an HD operator camera (FPV) and the Hero 8 GoPro the DeepTraax enables safe assessment and decision data that supports:

  • Planning
  • Emergency response
  • Investigation and assessment
Gathering 3D Models

Mounted with your choice of scanning technology the DeepTraax supports safe collection of 3D models.

  • Drifts
  • Ramps
  • Stopes


Design and Optimized hazardous Data Collection

Dimensions 779mmX540mmX553mm - (with LiDAR attached)
30in x 22.3in x 21.8in
Water RessistentNot Submersible
Manual ControlTaranis RC controller.
Collision Detection Front and rear obstacle detection
Illumination 1000 Lumens - High Intensity LED strips provide ample light on front and back support clear video and visibility
Video and Images FPV - Low latency and low light LUX analog FPV camera that is streamed for recording
Included Accessories Surface Pro,Batteries
Operating temperature: 0-50°C

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