MRC Rail Runner

MRC Rail Runner

Transforming Safety

Utilizing SafeSight’s autonomous MRC “Rail Runner™”, operators can remotely capture HD videos of the raise, HD images of the face or capture 3D mapping of the raise. The Rail Runner then allows the operator to immediately use videos, images and point cloud data to assess development safety, progress and rail orientation. 

The light weight unit easily clips to the rail, autonomously ascends the rail and executes the selected options (video, face images or 3D mapping) all controlled through SafeSight’s proprietary and intuitive Rail Runner™ App.

This all-encompassing, powerful Solution creates a safe MRC environment by keeping operators out of harm’s way while providing supervisors real time. This critical data can be collected in 25% of the time that it currently takes compared to traditional assessment. Together increased safety, data gathered and the speed raise inspection  transforms MRC development.

Changing MRC Development

Safer, Faster Raise Development


HD Video and Face Imagery

The Rail Runner provides options to gather valuable video data for the entire raise or capture high definition of the face after each baster or at each shift change. 

Images and video can be viewed immediately and provide critical information regarding the safety of the environment, the condition of the face and support safer reentry to the development.


Ease of Use

The Rail Runner lightweight design and easy clip on design make installing the unit on the rail simple and efficient. 

Once clipped on the operator uses the Rail Runner App to select the data capture particular and launches the unit with a single tap.

The Rail Runner will climb to the face and autonomously return to the nest. 

  • Easy to install and carry 
  • Always ready to use 
  • Safer operation of the Raise development 
  • Dramatically reduces the inspection window 
  • Always charged and ready to use

SLAM Based 3D mapping of the Raise

The Rail Runner can be directed to capture a 3D mapping as it travels that raise as it simultaneously captures high solution video.

Point clouds are available immediately and can be viewed at the development or shared with surface engineers.

This supports an ongoing assessment of the rail and development orientation and creates independence from delays caused by survey interruptions.


Data Management and Retention

Gathering critical MRC development data the Rail Runner can capture and retain: 

  • Video of the Rail and Raise with distance markers
  • HD Images of the face
  • 3D mapping data of the face

All data is permanently data and time stamped for historical record and can be easily transferred and shared with decision on surface or at corporate offices.

  • Captured HD video for review by supervisors and shareable with our stakeholders 
  • No dependency on Survey teams 
  • Reduced  interruption


Safety DATA that changes everything

The MRC Rail Runner has been developed to operate effectively in the challenging MRC environment. The Rail Runner is developed using a strong carbon fiber shell wrapped around a lightweight metal frame. It has been designed to accommodate rails of over 1000ft. The continuous charging case ensures that this unit is always ready to make the climb. 

The Rail Runner can hold dozens of Rail Runs and 3D mapping data that is date and time stamped. This historical development and safety data can be downloaded over wifi through the Rail Runner APP and shared across your organization. 

RR Lidar Cropcopy
Video of the raise
  • Full HD video of the climb and return home 
  • Data and Time stamp perspective for future review and tracking
  • Overlay options to assess optimal raise dimensions
RR Face Image2
Assessment of the Face
  • HD Images at close range (12 inches) 
  • Ability to assess drill patterns 
  • Assessment of loose rock and safety insights
RR Lights Off
Raise Inspection and Orientation
  • 3D point cloud at 3cm accuracy 
  • Raise and Rail Orientation 
  • Detailed definition for safety insights and development planning


Design and Optimized for MRC

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