Rescue Wheel

Power Rescue Wheel

Accelerated carryout

SafeSight Power Rescue WheelTM. enables accelerated evacuation to medical attention while addressing existing risks and challenges to Mine Rescue. We developed and designed the Rescue wheel with the input and recommendation of Mine Safety Managers and Mine Rescue Responders to ensure a practical solution that addressed real world rescue challenges.

This light weight, quick clip, electric Power Rescue WheelTM that allows Responders to rapidly evacuate injured workers to medical attention 3 times faster with 1/3 of the physical effort of a traditional carry. Responders will experience less:

  • Physical Strain
  • Physiological Stress
  • Risk of Further Injury

The Rescue Wheel is part of SafeSight’s Digital Emergency Response tool kit and demonstrates our commitment to bring the digital transformation to Emergency Response and Mine Rescue.

The Power Rescue Wheel

Faster evacuation to medical attention

The procedure for carrying and resting cycles during a rescue operation involving the transport of an injured worker can vary based on several factors, including the severity of the injuries, the distance to be covered, the terrain within the mine, and the capabilities of the rescue team. SafeSight’s Rescue Wheel creates a step change in carry out procedures dramatically reducing the need for the carry/rest and rotation cycle. In addition, a more stable and accelerated path to medical attention can be achieved.


Core Features

Responders can mitigate these risks and challenges of carry out thorough training, regular drills, adherence to safety protocols.  SafeSight’s Rescue Wheel creates digital leverage to mitigate these challenges and meet the unique needs of Emergency Response and Mine Rescue. Specification highlights include:

  • Light weight, under 40 lbs
  • Quick activation, install on a loaded basket in under 1 minute.
  • Power, speed settings from 1KM to 5KM per hour
  • 3-hour battery life powers a e-hub and frame capable of carrying 350lbs
  • Deadman switch, ensure power control and stability.
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Fast Evacuation

SafeSight’s Rescue Wheel gives Emergency Responders an effective technology to evacuate injured workers safely and rapidly to medical attention.  In practical terms here are seven direct benefits of the Rescue Wheel in Emergency Operations:

  1. Extended duration and coverage of the carry phase
  2. Elimination or significant reduction requirements and duration of the rest phase
  3. Elimination or significant reduction of the need for team rotation.
  4. Easier to maneuver and transport a stretcher or basket effectively.
  5. Significant reduction in the physical Strain is reduced or eliminated.
  6. Reduced the risk of Further Injury: Transporting an injured person always carries the risk of exacerbating their injuries.
  7. Reduced the risk of psychological Stress on the carry team.


fast and Safe Evacuation

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