SafeScoutEmergency Response Drone 

Transforming Safety

SafeSight’s Emergency Response Drone (ERD) was developed from our SafeScoutTM utility scout drone.

After 2 years of operational use in the field as an inspection and investigation unit the transition toward Emergency Response capability was clear.
SafeScoutTM-ERD is now configured for:

  • Inspection
  • Investigation
  • Emergency Response

Adapted with high LED lighting and advanced camera configurations, this unit allows operators to assess, inspect and respond to any situation from a safe zone.

SafeScoutTM-ERD has been designed to provide easy operation with minimal training. Its lightweight, micro design ensures its easy to add any equipment configuration.

The unit can access areas with openings as small as .5m by .5m and easily produces high-definition video or time lapse images. Immediate results and more data in real time allows for improved planning and decision support in responding to any situation.

Support Response and Rescue

Safer, Faster Response


HD Video - Photogrammetry

The SafeScoutTM utility drone was developed by SafeSight in response to the need to access smaller spaces that conventional LiDAR equipped underground equipment cannot access. SafeSight uniquely configured the SafeScoutTM lighting solution,to have the capability to capture high resolution Photogrammetry quality images.

SafeScoutTM   can access ever tighter environments and develop 3-D models in order to support emergency response, planning and remediation efforts.


Pilot Assist

To support pilot control as well as ease of operation, SafeScoutTM has a basic hover feature that supports:

  • pilot assisted access to tight spaces,
  • navigation through obstacles to capture situation conditions,
  • air quality and,
  • video content that will allow emergency response, planners, and engineers to virtually be at the scene.

Air Quality

Equipped with the power to carry the latest in air quality sensors, SafeScoutTM has the capability to fly into targeted areas using its hover and avoid features, navigate through tight spaces to capture peak readings of air quality while at the same time returning real time video of the site environment.


Emergency Response - Rescue or Recovery

The SafeScoutTM-Emergency Response Drone is small, light and can be deploy quickly to execute search and rescue. Making it possible to rapidly determine “Rescue or Recovery” with out ever putting rescue personnel at risk.

Investigate and Inspect

Emergency Response - Finding Wilson


Design and Optimized hazardous Data Collection

Physical 58cm x 58cm x 22cm; 950g
Augmented Illumination
Forward facing high intensity LED, 2,000 Lumens
HD VideoHD Video
5k to microSD,
HD Video
Augmented Camera solution
Digital HD USB camera has excellent low-light performance, onboard compression
Payload Capacity 700g
Connectivity Options Spektrum R/C, WiFi, LTE, Microhard
RangeUnderground - 200 meters- Line of Sight;
50 meters Beyond Line Sight
Above Ground - 300 meters
Battery typeLithium Polymer
Flight TimeFlight Time 12 minutes
Autonomous Flight Self Hovering
Maximum data capture travelling speed:
Outputs: Recorded FPV HD video
4K flight Video
Operating temperature: 0-50°C

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