SafeScout– Emergency Response Drone 

Transforming Emergency Response Safety

SafeScoutTM emergency response drone and mining operator

SafeSight’s Emergency Response Drone (ERD) is the next evolution of our SafeScout utility scout drone and is specifically designed to respond to the challenges of emergency response in a potentially hazardous environments.

SafeScout™ drones are part of SafeSight Exploration’s Mine Rescue product line, with all the surveillance and flight technology needed to support complex disaster response efforts in urban settings. These small drones are configured for urban and underground airspace, capable of GPS-based, semi-autonomous flight, as well as GPS-denied indoor flight. Air mobility and obstacle avoidance are supported by stereo cameras to optimize ease of use.

SafeSight’s advanced technology for surveillance, including powerful LED lighting and advanced robotic camera configurations can easily be operated by drone operators to assess and inspect any situation from a safe distance. Ideal for helping local authorities improve their situational awareness in both rural communities and urban areas.

User-Friendly Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

SafeScout drones are designed for easy operation with minimal training. Typical missions capture sufficient data in and around the site of the incident in drone flights of less than 10 minutes because SafeScoutdrone technology maximizes underground and urban air mobility and surveillance capabilities.

SafeScout™ drones can safely access remote areas with openings as small as 1m by 1m (3.3ft x 3.3ft). Once deployed, these drones capture HD video, time lapse images or other information to allow for improved planning and decision support.

Emergency Response, Support and Rescue

Use Unmanned Aircraft Systems for a Safer & Faster Response


HD Video - Photogrammetry

SafeScout drones were developed by SafeSight in response to the need to reach small spaces that conventional LiDAR- equipment cannot access.

Uniquely configured lighting capabilities provide the ability to capture high-resolution images suitable for photogrammetry.

SafeScout can access ever tighter environments and develop 3-D models in order to support emergency response, planning and remediation efforts.


Pilot Assist for Urban Air Mobility

To support pilot control as well as ease of operation, SafeScout has basic hover and obstacle avoidance features. These features support:

  • Pilot-assisted access for drone use in tight spaces
  • Navigation around obstacles to capture situational conditions
  • Air quality sensors
  • Video content that will allow first responders (law enforcement & firefighters), planners, and engineers to assess the scene at a safe distance

SafeScoutTM emergency response drone operator

Air Quality & Visual Assessments

Equipped with the power to carry the latest in air quality sensors, SafeScout can fly into targeted areas using its “hover” and “avoid” features, navigate through tight spaces to capture peak readings of air quality while at the same time returning real time video of the site environment.


Emergency Response - Rescue or Recovery

SafeScout – Emergency Response Drone is small, light and can be deploy quickly to execute search and rescue. Making it possible to rapidly determine “Rescue or Recovery” without ever putting rescue personnel at risk.

Investigate and Inspect

Emergency Response - Finding Wilson

SafeScout - Specifications

Designed and Optimized for Disaster Response

Physical58cm x 58cm x 22cm; 950g
Augmented Illumination
Forward facing high intensity LED, 2,000 Lumens
HD VideoHD Video
5k to microSD,
HD Video
Augmented Camera solution
Digital HD USB camera has excellent low-light performance, onboard compression
Payload Capacity700g
Connectivity OptionsSpektrum R/C, WiFi, LTE, Microhard
RangeUnderground - 200 meters- Line of Sight;
50 meters Beyond Line Sight
Above Ground - 300 meters
Battery typeLithium Polymer
Flight TimeFlight Time 12 minutes
SLAM Mapping:Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) based LiDAR mapping +/- 0.03% drift
Lidar range:0.40m to 100m
Lidar accuracy+/- 30 mm
Mapping accuracy+/- 20 mm in general environment
+/- 15 mm in typical underground and indoor environments
+/- 5 mm for close range scanning
Angular field of view
LiDAR Data acquisition speedup to 600,000 points/sec
Automatic Geo-referencingOn board geo-referencing of the PTS
3D model output - Site Plan readyOn board production of the 3D model within 25 min of the scan completion.
Maximum data capture travelling speed:
Start / stop scanning while in motion:
Outputs:Full resolution point clouds, decimated point clouds, trajectory
Point cloud file format:PTS, LAS, DFX
Point cloud attributes:Intensity, range, time, return number and ring number
Processing parameters:Pre-set modes: Video, Face, LiDAR
Laser safety: Class 1 eye safe
USB 3:High speed data offload
Storage:500 Gigabytes – approximately 12 hours of sensor data
Operating temperature: 0-50°C

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