The SafeScanner

The SafeScanner

The Power is in the Payload

Safesight‘s lightweight plug and play payload creates a self-contained 3-D mapping, video capture capability data intelligence utility in any of its configurations.

Creating 3-D mapping in minutes with no user post flight processing the SafeScanner is a powerful asset to create safer operations and transform operational efficiencies.

Safescanner‘s click on click off mounting system allows it to be easily adapted in several configurations.



Adaptable Handheld Scanner

  • Handheld the safe scanner can and be easily carried and used to 3D map drifts, long holes in other areas accessible to foot traffic.

DSCF3592 (1)

Ground Based Application

  • Safesight‘s mounting solution allows the safe scanner to be attached to droids, our DEEPTraxx micro trucks or any terrestrial vehicle. 
  • This allows for rapid scanning in large areas such as drifts and ramps for bulk data collection.

access orepass top grizzly

Access Confined Space

Safescanner can be configured for cable to access that allows for it to be vertically lowered through:

  • Grizzlies
  • Shaft compartments and
  • Narrow opening for which flight and ground-based access is impossible