Transforming Emergency Response & Mine Rescue

January 22, 2024

Posted By: Mike Campigotto

SafeSight Power Wheel Revolutionizes Emergency Response

In the dynamic and high-risk environment of underground mining, swift and effective emergency
response is paramount. SafeSight, a leading innovator in emergency response and mine safety
technology, introduced a groundbreaking solution: the SafeSight Power Wheel, an integral part of their
digital Emergency Response & Mine Rescue Tool Kit. This overview delves into the transformative
impact of the Power Wheel on emergency response scenarios in underground mines.

SafeSight recognized the critical need for enhancing the efficiency of emergency response operations in
mines. Conventional methods of transporting injured workers to medical care were slow and physically
taxing for responders, limiting the rescue team’s effectiveness, and jeopardizing the well-being of the

Current Carry out risks and Implications:

  1. Limited Space and Accessibility: Underground mines often have confined spaces, narrow
    passages, and uneven terrain, making it challenging to maneuver and transport a stretcher or
    basket effectively. Rescuers may encounter obstacles such as debris, rocks, or machinery that
    impede movement.
  2. Physical Strain: Carrying an injured person in a rescue basket through a mine can be physically
    demanding. Rescuers need to navigate through the mine’s tunnels, possibly over long distances
    or in steep areas, which can lead to fatigue among the rescue team.
  3. Risk of Further Injury: Transporting an injured person always carries the risk of exacerbating
    their injuries. Movement through the mine’s uneven surfaces or while being transferred onto
    the stretcher can potentially cause additional harm if not executed carefully.
  4. Psychological Stress: Mine rescues can be emotionally taxing for both the injured individual and
    the rescue team. Operating in a high-stress environment, dealing with the urgency of the
    situation, and witnessing injuries can lead to psychological stress and impact decision-making.

Collaborating with industry experts and mining organizations such as Newmont, Vale, and Norcat,
SafeSight embarked on the development and validation of the Power Wheel. This innovative tool was
engineered to mount onto rescue baskets and provide substantial transport power, aiming to accelerate
evacuation speeds and reduce stress on responders during emergencies.

The SafeSight Power Wheel, represented in its initial version (Version 1), is designed to significantly
enhance evacuation capabilities. Leveraging its power, the wheel offers from 1 to 5km/hr of adjustable
transport support. Its integration into rescue baskets enables a rapid evacuation process, ensuring
injured miners receive critical medical attention swiftly.

The Power Wheel key features:

* Light weight: 40lbs
* Install time: 60 seconds.
* Carry weight capacity: 350lbs
* Battery life: 4 hrs
* Impact on carry out: triple evacuation time.
* Impact on Responders: 3 times reduction in expended effort

Following rigorous development and testing phases, SafeSight successfully deployed the Power Wheel in
simulated emergency scenarios across mining sites. In one notable instance, a mine incident required
the evacuation of an injured worker situated deep within the mine’s complex network of tunnels.
The implementation of the Power Wheel drastically reduced evacuation times, allowing responders to
transport the injured worker to medical care three times faster than conventional manual methods. This
swift response directly contributed to stabilizing the worker’s condition and minimizing the risk of
further complications.

The SafeSight Power Wheel has emerged as a game-changer in emergency response and mine rescue
operations. By accelerating the evacuation process, it has significantly reduced stress and fatigue among
responders, ensuring they remain effective throughout the emergency. This enhanced efficiency not
only safeguards the well-being of injured miners but also optimizes the available time for search and
rescue operations.

SafeSight remains committed to advancing Mine Rescue capabilities further. The organization’s roadmap
for the Power Wheel includes plans for continual enhancements. Future versions aim to incorporate
advancements such as wheel tracking through site-enabled wifi, ensuring even greater precision and
control during evacuation operations.

Innovation in mine safety technology is crucial for the ever-evolving challenges faced in the mining industry. The SafeSight Power Wheel stands as a testament to the positive impact that technology can have on emergency response within underground mines. With its successful implementation and ongoing advancements, SafeSight continues to pave the way for safer and more efficient Mine Rescue operations, ultimately saving lives and ensuring the well-being of mining personnel.