Mine Rescue and Emergency Response

March 4, 2023

Posted By: Mike Campigotto

New Tools for a New Age

Mine Rescue and Emergency Response has continued to develop and evolve the performance and sophistication of their people, processes, and tools. Much attention has been dedicated to improvements to breathing apparatus to increase capacity and responder safety when in harms way.  

SafeSight has dedicated several years of development, field application and Responder input to add a new set of leading edge tools that extends the reach and range of Mine Rescue but reduces the Responders need to be in harms way. 

  • Drone technology for Search and Assessment from a safe operating point 
  • Remote Deployment of Fire Suppression 
  • Thermal and LiDAR technology to map the active incident. 

Creating Dynamic Response 

With the SafeSight Emergency Tool kit deployed Responders will have a wide range of response alternatives. Finding the fastest and safest incident response can be the difference between rescue and recovery. 

By Air 

Aerial inspection is possible through our emergency response drone. This micro unit with gas sensing, thermal imaging and high-definition video allows for remote reconnaissance of any incident environment inspecting for 8 signatures air quality and then overall assessment of the incident environment.

If, however Flight is not possible all this technology can be deployed for remote ground based inspection.

On the Ground 

Our DeepTraxx-Fire Response unit provides remote deployment of three formats of response. 

Thermal Model: The unit can be deployed with the emergency response drone payload. This allows for ground collection of air quality, thermal imaging, and high-definition video.

Mapping Mode: By integrating our SafeScanner technology with the DeepTraxx-Fire Response Responder’s can create a real-time 3D model the entire incident environment. A 3D model can then be used to analyzed and determine a response. 

Finally in active fire the DeepTraxx-Fire Response can be deployed with selected nozzles and connected to water supply to provide a suppressing fog or a water curtain that can assist the responder approach to fire management.

New Tools for new options in effective Emergency Response means increased Responder safety and improved reach and range in Search and Rescue on surface or underground.