Shaft Management Transformed

February 21, 2024

Posted By: Mike Campigotto

SafeSight Shaft Management Technology

Delivering Step Change 

Anticipating clients’ expectations can create a clear market advantage for those suppliers who choose to move aggressively on the digital innovation. Mine Hoisting Plant is poised to do exactly that.  SafeSight’s Digital Shaft measurement technology provides a digital solution that creates a step change in Shaft Management. 

Planning and Estimating

In today’s world much of the planning, estimating, and designing is based on to the diagrams or visual inspections that require special expertise time and risk. 

Whether the project is conveyance repair/replacement, shaft reclamation or adjustment the implications on estimates and work delivered is significant. Suppliers run the risk of remediation for post delivery issue that can’t be foreseen or anticipated.

Removing the Risk 

A digital “as is” of the target compartment change the equation. When a digital model risk is removed and additional data provides insight that transforms planning estimation and design.

Consider several A typical client request scenarios. In all cases estimating and determining effort and cost relies on visual inspection, intermittent measurement, and experience. 

  1. The construction of a conveyance on an existing shaft with limited details. The shaft is 50 years old and while drawings are available, they cannot reflect actual conditions. 
  2. Shaft maintenance or shaft refurbishing current practices relies on expertise, visual inspection, and some accelerometer data that indicates areas of concern, not specific root cause of poor performance. 
  3. New shaft construction this technology can be used to monitor performance and progress incrementally to ensure built as planned and that deviations are captured early before they can compound.

Impacts and Advantages

Using SafeSight’s Shaft Management Technology creates a digital twin of the target provides a 1 mm 3-D model that can sample for any at any portion of any compartment. 

The results are:

  •  an accurate understanding of the work to be done, 
  • the ability to plan, resource and cost accurately. 

With less margin for error and better contingency, planning and monitoring suppliers leveraging this solution have a competitive edge. 

In addition to competitive advantage there are post delivery advantages: 

  • Higher client satisfaction 
  • Less post delivery support 
  • The ability to deliver bonus content to Clients with a new digital asset that can be used as a baseline. 
  • The baseline supports regular maintenance to ensure optimal convenience performance. 

Anticipating the future 

The mining sector has been increasingly adopting digital twin technology to enhance operational efficiency and safety. According to industry reports and studies, the uptake of digital twins in mining has been steadily growing, with an estimated annual growth rate of around 18-20%. 

This technology allows mining companies to create virtual replicas of physical assets, facilitating predictive maintenance, optimizing workflows, and improving decision-making processes. As the returns and understanding of Digital Assets becomes an expectation, suppliers that have taken steps to integrate digital shaft services will be ready to meet the demands of these new sophisticated operators. 

SafeSight continues to push the limits of digital implementation in mining support both Operators and suppliers in the efforts to transform mining.